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The METEOR series of compact ultra-thin UL® certified LED underwater pool lights with built-in driver

The METEOR series of underwater light's main feature is that they can be installed on the flat surface without any surface preparation during construction.

The thickness is only 0.39 inch and to install the METEOR lights the max. diameter of the hole through the wall is 2/5 inch.

Color of lighting Single Color (White, Blue, Green) or Multi Color (RGB, WGB, RGBW) Single Color (White, Blue, Green) or Multi Color (RGB, WGB, RGBW) Single Color (White, Blue, Green) or Multi Color (RGB, WGB)
Power consumption max. 10 W max. 18 W max. 51.5 W
Luminous flux max. 950 lm (cool white) max. 1900 lm (cool white) max. 5700 lm (cool white)
Dimensions Ф3.9 x 0.39 inch Ф4.69 x 0.39 inch Ф5.47 x 0.39 inch
Weight 0.88 lbs 1.32 lbs 1.76 lbs

The multi-color version of METEOR series allows changing the color of lighting manually or automatically through the complete rainbow spectrum.

Advanced electronic design with built-in microprocessor enables network connection and simple control of complete group of lights with dimming.

All the models are available in stainless steel casings. The lighting is available in white, blue, green, WGB or RGB color versions.

  • Easy Surface-Mount Installation

    Thanks to the unique ultra thin surface-mount design, our lights can be easily installed on existing finished pools. Four screws and a cable hole require very little construction work.

  • Ultra-Thin Patented Design

    Our unique ultra-thin casing design allows for endless mounting options below the waterline.

  • Low Power Consumption

    By using high-efficiency Cree LEDs and high-grade polycarbonate glass optical window our lights consume less power for the same luminance.

Technical Specifications

Power supply 12-24 Vdc, max. 840 mA/12 Vdc or 410 mA/24 Vdc
Beam Angle 60° (standard) or 100° (wide)
Optical window High-grade polycarbonate glass
Luminous flux max. 950 lm (cool white)
Operating temperature 14°F – 122°F
Casing Stainless steel (SAE316L)
Protection IP 68
Dimensions Ф3.9 x 0.39 inch
Weight 0.88 lbs

Note: The wattage indicated is the maximum for the series equipped with 6.56 feet cable lengths, and may be lower for other color combinations.

Change color with the push of a button

METEOR series allows you to explore the complete rainbow spectrum by using only a simple momentary switch.

Also supports DMX512 network control for advanced users.